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Mic McMullen • 310-621-9220

20 Years Professional Experience

I've been very fortunate and honored to have worked with many influential Producers, Engineers, Musicians, and Artists in the recording studio throughout my career. I really enjoy sharing the skills and techniques I've learned along the way and the magic they bring forth. I've seen recording trends and various fad technologies come and go.  However, I knew when I started using Pro Tools in 1999 it would become an industry standard because of its power and ease of use.

Broadcast Quality

Achieving album quality music from pre-production to finished mastered product can be quite simple. 

In depth consultations in the early stages of production will maximize the client’s budget and give a clear vision of how they can use their time wisely, both in and out of the recording studio. 

I’ve fine-tuned and improved this protocol in the last 20 years.  This process will insure the production of broadcast quality audio tracks suitable for distribution in any part of the entertainment industry. 

Early On

 In 1997, the Akai MPC2000 introduced me to digital audio editing and music production in a new, efficient way. I was making Hip Hop beats, creating tempo maps with time signature changes, creating soundscapes for live performances, etc. The trick was to sync several sound modules, drum machines, and tape machines together by using any one or a combination of SMPTE, MTC, MMC, or MIDI.  I discovered that having a solid understanding of this technology gave me an edge when it came time to go into the studio to record a Demo or EP.