Take your craft to the next level

Music Production

Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Metal, Punk, Reggae, Mariachi, Flamenco, Blues, Jazz, or Acoustic Singer Song Writer. I have worked in and around these genres with the very best in the industry and it gives me an edge when it comes to getting "that sound" in a timely manner. We also have an abundance of experienced musicians ready to play your songs and blow your mind. 

Sound Engineering

Capturing the sound of an instrument or voice is an art in itself. If you need a sound engineer for a day or a month, we have you covered. If you want to get set up for an album in your own studio and want an expert with you to get sounds and or help with engineering the sessions. I've got you covered. If you are in the middle of one, or many projects and feeling swamped and need help with editing. I've got you covered. 


I will assess the tracks and with information provided from the artist, I will determine the method and equipment to use.  No matter the process, I will insure that your song has the "vibe" and signature sound you desire. Together, we will create a product that We can all be proud of.

Multiple Recording Studios

Depending on your needs, we have a solution. If you are a full orchestra, a four piece band, or a solo singer songwriter. You will have different needs regarding studio space and access to equipment.  We have the perfect studio with the right equipment for your project that will fit your budget. 

Mobile Recording

My team and I will record you anywhere. Nothing compares to capturing a live performance, it adds great content to the Artists discography and offers a chance for fans to participate. We are able to record in any venue and even in your rehearsal studio making things very comfy if thats how you want to do it. I have a 4x4 Van outfitted for the toughest terrain, its wired up and ready for action any where you want to record. 

Studio Maintenance

If you currently have a studio and are looking to upgrade equipment or something needs repair. Maybe you want to add a patchbay, Mic Panel, Rack Gear, Bass Trap, etc. I have plenty of experience with wiring recording studios and I understand the needs of a recording artist, as well as producers and sound engineers. You should be creating. Not worried about the connections buzzing because wires are everywhere !!!! 

No job is too small give me a call I'll help with your spaghetti. 

Methods • Rental • Instruction

Analog Recording with CLASP

Recording on a 2" Tape Machine seems like an antiquated thing of the past, however CLASP has brought it back and offers all the beauty of that era. Imagine the wonderful sound and natural compression you get from the tape machine but the flexibility and efficiency of Pro Tools. Music is recorded to 2" Tape then transferred directly into Pro Tools in real time. No Delay. The results are incomparable. 

Pro Tools Instruction

I can help you understand the basic fundamentals of Pro Tools and get you recording and or editing in minutes. I design and install Pro Tools systems for commercial and private studios alike. The design of the system is based on the clients present needs with future growth in mind. One on one instruction with you and your system is vital in understanding how use software and hardware efficiently. 

Equipment Rental

You have a project and the space but need a couple things to get the job done. No problem we offer an array of industry standard equipment for rental. Send us a message and let us know what you need. We'll put together a package that makes sense for your project. 


If your degree requires you to intern in a Commercial Recording Studio for credit or you want some practical knowledge in Music Production or Sound Engineering. Please contact us as we are always wanting to help. 

Studio Musicians

I have great relationships with the musicians I've worked with and they are all very eager to be in the studio and a part of a great production. If you need a particular or unique instrument played on your song I will find the right player(s). Do you want to assemble the dream band for a song you want to produce. 

Let's do it. 

Headphones and Cue System

Getting the mix right for the artists during recording makes for a great experience in the studio and 99 times out 100 makes the performance better.  This is why I use a 16 Channel Furman head phone system that gives each musician their own personal mixer. This enables them to create their own unique mix while recording and the ability to adjust it on the fly is priceless. This insures they're hearing how everyone is playing.