Mic McMullen aka Transducer

A Little History

I started playing bass when I was 14. I didn't take it too seriously but I could play a few songs. In the mid 80's house parties were popular so we would set up our turn tables and speakers and party until the cops broke it up. Shortly after that I started designing and building subwoofer enclosures for the cars that go boom... which led me back to playing the bass guitar because after all, BASS is awesome. I started playing in my friends garage band in San Pedro and that’s when I figured out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life; Music. I remember having "The Career Conversation" with my Dad.  He was in such turmoil, because I never really identified as a musician, I was an athlete. I knew that my many of Dad’s side of the family are accomplished multi instrumentalists and music teachers. At the time of our conversation, I didn't really know much about music and he knew it. But, he also knew that I work hard to achieve my goals. After a few failed attempts of forming bands with friends, I was asked to join the newly formed South Bay Punk Rock sensation "Kerosene".   Three Rehearsals later and I found myself at Westlake Audio Recording Studio "B" where we laid down 3 Songs on 2" 24 tracks with Sound Engineer Jeff Robinette (long time school mate).  Coming from a career as a Car Audio System designer and Installer the recording console made sense to me.   It just “clicked”.  My passion for music along with my technical love of sound engineering came into alignment and the dark clouds parted.  Finally, at that moment, my journey up to that point finally made sense.  I immediately began studying sound reinforcement, studio design and wiring.   I put together a project studio in my bedroom with a Tascam 4 track as the center piece, surrounded by drum machines and guitar FX pedals.  I studied electronics at SCROC to have a better basic skill set.  My Uncle George got wind I was gigging around and He started helping me with music theory, harmony, and melody.  My main focus was on the Bass Guitar but learned to play Piano, Acoustic and Electric Guitar at the same time which helped with harmony.  Drums and Percussion have always resonated strongly with me. I never got that drum set as a kid that I always wanted…(boo hoo).  As a youngster, I played pots and pans or beat on the desk or the walls whatever made noise.   After years of playing music, I finally started seriously playing drums and learned from no other than Gary Ferguson. The drummers I’ve recorded have definitely left a heavy felt impression on me.  Personally, I needed to play to a metronome and I started (and continue) to practice every day.  

By having an intimate relationship with each popular rock instrument, I am able to provide a priceless service to my clients.  I have 20 + years of recording experience, and I’ve worked side by side with industry leaders.   I am comfortable in the studio with any artist at any level of expertise. I can also fix just about any technical issue so there is rarely any "down time" in my studio. I have studio maintenance planned monthly to make upgrades and or repair anything that needs attention. In between sessions I hone my skills on the Drums, Percussion, Bass, Piano, Guitar, Lap Steel and Harmonica. I prefer not to play on every song I produce, but sometimes there may be a missing piece to the musical puzzle I am able to provide to my client. There's a lot more to my story, I look forward to becoming a part of yours.  


Media Production and Broadcast :  

PMI, APM, 2K Sports, Ideaology, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, DIY Network, Artificial Army

Record Lables :

Interscope, Dreamworks, Cornerstone R.A.S., Broken Records, N20, Meanstreet, Celestial, Champion Sound, Mad Star, Icebone Records, Toys Factory, Skunk Records, Aspen Music Group, Spitfire Records, CMC International, Haven Arts, Mush Records, Revolver, Krazynative Music, Paladin, Larkio Music, Felony Records, Beatville, Park The Van, Martian Church, Anticon

Producers and Engineers : 

Michael Parnin, Ken Scott, John Potoker, Jeff Robinette, John Purdell, Allen Isaacs, Paul Leary, Mark Reagan, Eddy Schreyer, “Big Bass” Brian Gardner, Adam Arnold, Jessy Moss, Dave Dominguez, Gary Ferguson, Michael “Miguel” Hapoldt, Eddie Ashworth, Joe Barresi, Gary Wright, LA Jae, Peter Nelson, Matt Borden, Big Daddy Kev, Robert Carranza, Toby Wright, Clark Germain, Simon Chan, Brian Daugherty, Joe Fish, David Harris, Marshall Goodman, Jerry Epstein, Kamal Humphrey, Dan Fitzgerald, Pete Charelle, Steve Harris, Eric Sarafin, and of course Wyn Davis. 

Artists and Musicians : 

Ronnie James Dio, James Zavala, Bruce Watson, Dylan Howard, Michael Beckwith, Christina Perry, Nate Morton, Jaden Smith, Harry Hudson, Matt Kahn, Gary Ferguson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Wright, Greg Bisonette, Craig Goldy, Federico Bestevar, Mark Shark, Mike Elizondo, Skip Edwards, Josh Freese, Eric Wilson, Michael Thompson, Michael Landau, Jerry Scheff, Jason Scheff, Bill Champlain, Half Pint, Clown (Slipknot), Abstract Rude, Sage Francis, Circus, Awol One, 2 Mex, Dr. Lewd, Radioinactive, Busdriver, Life Rexall, Akuma, Die Young, Subtitle, Slug, Doseone, Sol, Jessy Moss, Mark Browne, Todd Robinson, Lisa Hailey, Justin Wright, T.M. Burr, Mick Brown, Barry Sparks, Marty Friedman, Tilo, Jimmy Bob Bane, Todd Chaison, John Schreiner, Neil Stubenhaus,  Doug Aldrich, John Norum, Billy Sheehan, Albert Lee, The Sweet Inspirations, Mike Watt, Bill Hurley, Joe Baeza, Pete Charelle, Chris Taylor Brown, Ty Fury, Miles Doughty, Kyle McDonald, Steve Ornest, Scott Russo, Jeremy Colson, Quinn Cox, Harry Shannon, Vinnie Apice, Jaden Smith, Howard Hudson, Jake Najor and there are many, many more.



Dennis Bryan

I can’t say enough about my buddy Mic McMullen at Brother’s Marc. I been singing and writing songs for long time now but always felt the songs deserved more love from the recording and production. Knowing & using Pro Tools myself, I was able to flesh out the arrangements in pre-production and then a chance meeting with Mic turned into an inevitable deep connection with my music. He seemed to instinctively know what each song needed at that point and together we made it happen. The result is one of my best CDs. Thanks Mic! I couldn’t have done it without you!



Ian Barr

Absolutely amazing experience and great atmosphere. Without a doubt the best recording engineer around with decades of experience and boundless talent. I can't say enough about Mic and Brother's Marc. I highly recommend them. 

Ian Barr - dirtydogs

Matt Zar

Brilliant mad scientist at his craft. I had seen him work before and had always been impressed, but to actually work with him on my own music was incredible. Not only is his mixing skill beyond compare, but he cares about your music and will help you grow and improve as an artist. No competition in my eyes. 

- Matt Zar of dirtydogs

Quinn Cox

I was lucky to meet Mic in 2005 when I was starting my deep interest in recording and making professional quality music. 

I had a band called The Wagon and we were referred to Mic by our mutual friend Joshua Fischel of Bargain Music. Josh had been working with Mic of late and thought we would work well together. We recorded an EP End of Summer and LP Match Made in Hell With Mic in 2006 and 2008. We are very happy with those records and our memories of being in the studio. We were able to publish some tracks on networks like A&E, Nick Jr, DIY Network and Nat Geo Channel.

  Mic's love of recording and music is obvious right from the first meeting and his attention to detail and process are second to none. Mic is the kind of guy that builds a motorcycle from scratch for fun or puts a lift kit and 4 wheel drive on his van by himself. It's the same in the studio. He has handled big and small projects for me in various scenarios. Not just meticulous recording but an understanding of his copious gear and how to use it to get the sounds I wanted and recognized. When publishers needed specific edits and loads of them Mic was there to help me get it done. Home recording is great and I love it, but when I need to get professional results and keep oversized projects in order its great to know a guy like Mic McMullen.

- Quinn Cox 

Sutton James

“Working with Mic is working with a true original. He is a passionate artist and a multi-instrumental wealth of creativity. His ability to pull the best out of the artist, as well as allow things to happen naturally is a unique balance that few possess. I’ve recorded several albums with him. The most recent one was this past year, before that, over a decade. I am so glad that this resource, and friendship, is still available to me and the rest of the music world.”